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About Brooke

Brooke Lyons is a Portland-based sound practitioner helping people find peace and quiet within. Her sound bath meditations aim to release tension, anxiety, and stress, allowing for deep healing and restoration. 

Brooke found sound healing in 2019. She was extremely burnt out from her job and living in a chronically stressed out state. This led to all sorts of health issues from adrenal fatigue, to gut issues, hormonal imbalances and insomnia. Her anxiety was through the roof and she knew she had to make some drastic changes in her life (cue leaving her 8-year career in corporate retail, moving to a new city, and making rest a top priority).


Sound became the medicine that would change everything for Brooke. A way to quiet her busy mind and allow her to drop into deeper states of awareness. A way to dissolve chronic stress and feel a sense of safety within. Her life was transformed through the art of deep listening. In 2020, Brooke became a sound healing practitioner and is on a mission to bring this medicine to the masses.


Brooke's work blends science and spirituality together for a holistic approach to health. Our bodies are self-healing organisms and when given the right support, they can do what they are designed to do. She doesn't claim to heal you; only you can do that. Brooke is simply here to hold space for you to heal yourself, because when we heal ourselves, we heal this world. 

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