I have been using alternative medicine to heal myself for many years. My healing journey began as a way to heal my physical body. After suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, extreme burnout and all that comes along with that (adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, and hormone imbalances), I began to experiment with various healing modalities to bring my mind/body/spirit back into balance. I knew I had to finally make rest and relaxation a priority in my life.


This is when I discovered sound healing. It truly changed my life, dissolving chronic stress and allowing me to drop into deeper states of awareness. My health and well-being started to improve the more I relaxed in this way. I experienced such profound shifts that I later went on to become a certified sound therapist.


My work blends science and spirituality together for a holistic approach to health. Our bodies are self-healing organisms and when given the right support, they can do what they were designed to do. I don't claim to heal you; only you can do that. I am here to hold space for you to heal yourself, because when we heal ourselves, we heal this world.