As a certified sound healing practitioner, I will guide you on a journey to activate and awaken your higher self. My passion and purpose is to create a container for deep healing and transformation. The foundation of my work is built on the idea that everything is interconnected. The mind, body, and spirit are in constant communication and an imbalance in one area, creates an imbalance in another. Join me for a deeply restorative sound bath to recalibrate your entire system.


Sound has a way of transporting us back home to ourselves. It is a portal to our inner landscape. Through full-body listening, we can achieve deep states of inner peace and harmony. Sound healing helps us find deeper clarity and meaning in our lives. When we get quiet, we can access our innate wisdom and connect to the truth of who we are.

This sound immersion experience has powerful therapeutic and restorative benefits. It invokes a state of deep relaxation that facilitates our body's natural healing processes. Instruments used in sound healing help to regulate and calm the nervous system, boost energy and creativity, clear energetic blockages, and release stored trauma. When we shift our inner world, we shift our outer world.  Allow yourself to receive the gift of deep healing and nourishment through the power of sound.